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Our Team

Alex Askinazi,

Alex Askinazi, CPT NASM, PN1 Nutrition Coach, CPR/AED Certified

Alex is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and resides in Inlet Beach, FL with his wife and son Maxwell. He graduated from UCONN in Storrs, Connecticut with an exercise science background. After graduation he decided to pursue his passion for health and fitness, and start his own personal training business on 30A.


Alex takes a whole body approach to fitness and makes sure each body part is getting strengthened to avoid asymmetry in the body. His approach is targeting the full body during workouts, including lower body, upper body, core and finally stretching at the end of the workout. 


If you choose to work with Alex you will get a full body workout in under 60 minutes. He will listen to your goals and create a custom workout plan to meet your goals!

Alex has trained 250+ clients and 2500+ sessions, varying in age, physical ability, and limiting health conditions. He has great experience working with clients wanting to achieve weight loss, strength gain, and overall health and wellness. Alex provide In-Person as well as Virtual Zoom training!

Joseph Scrivani

Joseph Scrivani, Holistic Health & Movement coach

As a lifelong athlete, I've always been interested in optimizing health, wellness, and performance!

I bring a holistic approach to all my clients by assessing lifestyle factors, as well as putting each client through a functional movement screening to establish a movement baseline.


Before we get to work, we need to make sure the house is being built on a solid foundation!

We will fix lifestyle and movement issues prior to advancing to more challenging work. This approach allows you to make consistent, safe, and trackable progress that you'll be able to maintain for the rest of your life!


I look forward to moving with you soon!

Alexi Redhage

Alexi Redhage, Dietitian, Nutritionist, & Resides in Nashville

Lexi is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, and resides in Nashville, TN with her husband and dog Topher. She was a Division 1 Athlete in college and graduated with an Exercise Science degree from Belmont University before going on to pursue deeper studies in the sports nutrition field. After six years of schooling she got her license as a Registered Dietitian + Nutritionist, and built a business in 2019 around whole food nutrition.


Lexi believes in getting back to the roots of food. Connecting with real whole foods in their most natural form helps to fuel the body and smash out goals. Her hope is to make nutrition simple again, and break down complex science into bite size pieces that you can apply easily. She only uses sustainable and evidence-based practices to help you reach your goals, and focuses heavily on strategies to understand your behavioral habits.

Lexi's clientele ranges from professional athletes to your neighborhood mom, and they've found success because the utmost importance is placed on THEM. Their preferences, their lifestyles, their goals. No two people are alike and neither should their nutrition! Education, accountability, and individual recommendations all included. Lexi offers In-Person sessions, as well as Virtual sessions with many clients.

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